Whether you’re a budding scientist or avid outdoor adventurer, Leaf will help you learn about the world around you in a fun and engaging way. Leaf’s information about North Carolina species will make it easy to identify plants and animals when you encounter them in the wild. In addition, Leaf has a guided nature walk app you can download to a phone or tablet.

Take a look at some common North Carolina species and learn a little more about plants, animals, and other natural phenomena. The more you know about species and the science behind nature, the easier it will be to spot things outdoors.

Download the Leaf PWA to start completing tasks in parks, on hikes, or even in your backyard! The app contains simple, exploratory tasks that will guide you through hearing and seeing the world around you. There
is also a full list of tasks that can be printed or referenced.

Leaf was created by Madeleine Horrell as the capstone for her MA. Leaf combines her passions for science communication, kids, and the great outdoors. Leaf is perfect for children aged 5 - 10, and can be used at home or taken outdoors with the PWA. More questions? Check out the full about page here.