eaf being hekd up in front of a forest trail

What is Leaf?

Leaf is an easy and fun way to get children engaged with nature. The website is chock full of information about wildlife in North Carolina, and has exploratory tasks designed to spark a child's imagination. Leaf is also a progressive web app (PWA) that can be downloaded and used while hiking trails or even in a backyard.

Why Leaf?

Today, children are spending less and less time in the great outdoors, which is leading to proven health detriments. Children who do not spend time engaging with nature are more likely to have a reduced attention span, lessened problem solving abilities, and a lack of self discipline. Time spent in nature benefits a child's emotional, physical, and mental health. Nature is a classroom, and experiential learning leads to increased rates of self-sufficiency and problem solving! Leaf aims to make engagement with nature easy and fun, for both kids and their parents or guardians.

Three children, backs to camera, walking down a trail
eaf being held up in front of a forest trail

Other Resources

North Carolina specific resources that help engage kids with nature:

NC State Parks


Greensboro Science Center

North Carolina Arboretum

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Outside of North Carolina, check with state and local parks for resources!


Leaf was created by Madeleine Horrell as her capstone project for the iMedia graduate program at Elon University. It combines her passions for science communication, kids, and the great outdoors.

The PWA was coding using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The website was created using Webflow. Unless otherwise credited, all photo and video content were taken by Madeleine Horrell. For a full list of photo credits, see here. See more of her work here.

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